Schützenstrasse 56, 8400 Winterthur
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The Student House  in Winterthur is an affordable alternative to a student flat or a student hostel in Winterthur and provides better comfort and installations as an average student room in Winterthur.

AVAILABILITY ROOM - please click on the floors in the picture next door!


- 14 individual, furnished rooms (starting at 620.00 CHF) utilities included
- 14 rooms with Internet and wireless connection
- 1 common room with one kitchen per 7 indivdual rooms
- 3 individual showers per 7 individual rooms
- 1 common room with multimedia connector for everybody (in the basement)
- 1 toilet with sink next to common room  (in the basement)
- 1 loundry room for everybody
- 1 dryer room for everybody
- 1 big back garden
- 1 terrace for the rooms 1-3 (on the ground floor)
- bike parking area for 14 bikes
- solar power system on the roof
- all rooms mechanically ventilated

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